Congratulations, you are thinking of training your dog! One of the most loving things you can do for your dog is to take the time to train it. Your life will be much easier with a dog that listens to your commands. Your dog's obedience to basic commands may, at some point, save their life.  

We can Help

We provide weekly classes to help you train your dog (puppy, adult, pure bred or mixed breed) to be a pleasurable companion. These classes teach your dog to obey your first command under any circumstances-confusing noises, strange smells, barking dogs and crowds of people. The classes are not to teach your dog "tricks". Each exercise has a practical application in daily use. Our methods have been around and proven in the field over many years. If you want a family pet or aspire to show your dog, IOTC is the place to for your training.


About Us

IOTC is a not-for-profit Community Service Organization established in 1938. IOTC is the "oldest and best established" obedience school in the Indianapolis area and is the 3rd oldest AKC member obedience training club in the United States. IOTC became a member of the American Kennel Club in 1946.

We offer beginner and advanced obedience classes for all dogs. Pure bred and mixed breeds are welcome. IOTC is fully staffed with seven Obedience instructors with over 200 years of combined experience training dogs. We can help you with individual behavioral problems. We also offer Conformation classes for those showing in AKC Conformation events. IOTC has four instructors for Conformation training with decades of experience. Click here to learn more about this wonderful resource available to everyone who attends training classes at IOTC. 

Please come in for a visit & required pre-registration on any Tuesday at 7:00PM. Please note: IOTC is closed during the month of December. Click here for the current class schedule and additional information.

In addition, we offer a pet therapy program in concert with Community Hospital East. 

Contact Information

   (317) 359-2030
  The Northwest corner of North Shadeland Avenue and East 34th Street 
             in the Shadeland Shoppes (also known as the Shadeland Antique Mall). IOTC is on the South end of the Shoppes just behind Enterprise Truck Leasing. 
E mail: dogs@iotc.info
  Webmaster: Gregory T. Henkel
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